Happy New Year! We are thankful for our awesome clients and partners who enabled us to power through yet another crazy year of the Pandemic in real estate.
We helped 165 families, of which 145 were our fellow military families (Active Duty, separated, spouses, and Veterans), buy and sell homes in San Antonio and the surrounding hill country! ????
Our clients bought and sold over $55 million in real estate (ranging from $120k to $1.8 million), and our sellers took huge sums of equity as down payments to their next duty station, and over 20 of our home seller clients ELIMINATED ALL CONSUMER DEBT because of the funds they took from their home sale! ???????????????? #debtfreecommunity ???? (side love: we love working with our clients on how to set goals for the funds from their home sale whether for debt reduction or the purchase of a new property or investment home ?????). Major props to our wonderful Operations team lead by Brian Mc Cabe for skillfully guiding our client’s contracts through closing.
We thought we knew a lot about land–until we started running out of houses to sell this year, and began the massive hunt for land, land, and more land ???? both with utilities and raw! (and now we know way more than we ever thought possible about land AND we have more amazing custom and semi-custom home builders we work with ????)
????We got to meet so many extended families of our clients! We LOVE how the Pandemic has helped remind folks of what is most important, and how it has brought families together. We got to help mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brothers, and sisters this year! Our Client Care Team lead by Samantha Wood for the last 3 years is so incredibly dedicated to making sure our clients are happy and connected to the people and resources that matter to them, and it shows in the trust that our fellow agents and clients have in referring their friends and family to them–not to mention the 52 glowing five-star reviews they received this year!
???? We had clients and friends return! One of the hardest parts of military life is meeting great people who then turn around and leave for distant lands a year or two later. We love that some of our friends came back!
????????We had babies! Our clients had babies; our teammates had babies (and more on the way!). We are grateful to our wonderful fellow milspouse gift creator Serena West for all the beautiful baby gifts she curated this year (among many many other wonderful gifts)! ????????
???????? We leveled up our tech and our education to meet the challenges of the ever-developing real estate industry. Our team added another licensed Broker Associate this year as well as numerous additional advanced certifications. And we expanded to add 3 additional Multiple Listing Service regions to our website, making it easier for our clients to search for properties through the central Texas region. ??????????????????????
???? We got an office again! (and to everyone whom we’ve driven crazy with our ever-changing address over the last 2 years, we are sorry!) Our office is lovely, and was beautifully decorated by BY Design Home Staging!
????We worked on our “virtual culture” through Zoom, Slack, and an internal culture rewards program where our team members award “MilCoins” to one another to express appreciation and applause! They also earn cool prizes like spa time, whiskey tastings, boat rides, and helicopter tours (that requires a lot of appreciation points! ????)And because our team is service-oriented at heart, they can also donate their MilCoins (which convert into real live dollars…) to a select number of military charities that they chose to contribute to.
???? Our team grew – we proudly helped launch careers in real estate for fellow military spouses and Veterans, and developed an internal mentorship program in tandem with our agent onboarding and coaching program. Michelle Killian became our Buyer Agent Team Lead, and has been mentoring our newer agents and leading our Buyer Specialists in learning how to have the difficult conversations that really matter with our clients to help educate them to make the best possible decisions for their families. And Michelle Egli has graduated to Listing Specialist, working with Chuck to navigate the finesse of perfectly pricing property and the art of negotiating a listing well. And several of our agents moved to their post-military homes after their spouse retired to as far away as Germany! We are excited for you to meet some of our new agents, and if you want to get more regular updates on our team, pop us a PM to be added to our bi-monthly homeowner’s magazine.
???? We recognized that we can’t help everyone launch a career in real estate, so we worked on the Keller Williams Military Task Force for 6 months (in sworn secrecy! ????) to help create the KW Military program, which will help military spouses and Veterans transition to a career in real estate with built-in support and training. If you are interested in learning more about a career in real estate either on our team or as a solo agent, email our Career Consultant Ashley Williams at careerconsultant@milhousingnetwork.com! #kwmilitary
???? We were able to connect as a team in person again – we held the first annual team planning event in two years in person this October at the beautiful Eilan Hotel, and were able to break bread with our team members and their spouses multiple times. We look forward to the opportunity to have larger gatherings again–safely–where we can do the same with our clients. It has been far too long.
???? Through the sale of each house, we were able to give back to our community, and give on a greater level, providing multiple scholarships to military spouses through National Military Family Association, hundreds of socks to Soldiers’ Angels, funds to help provide blankets to our Afghan allies to help them stay warm while waiting in hangars at Ramstein to join us in the US, and funds to help in our local community through the San Antonio Food Bank. In our annual planning event, our team set even bigger goals this year for giving to help further fulfill one of our core values of Service.
???? We realized a key core value was missing from our core values–relationship. We do what we do because of and through relationships, and so we ASPIRE to do and be better.
???? We are excited to continue to grow in 2022. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home this year, please send them our way! https://milhousingnetworktexas.com/connect And if you know of anyone looking to leverage their SkillBridge program or launch their career in real estate, go here: https://milhousingnetworktexas.com/realestateagent/search
And you can always call us at 210-756-3553!