The season of giving is finally upon us and we could not be more excited about it! It’s the time of year that brings about lots of cheer and reminds us to be grateful for even the smallest of things this life can bring.  Amidst all of the hustle and bustle that can come with the holidays we wanted to share a few DIYs you can do at home that are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s time to get festive!


Cinnamon Stick Placeholder Cards

Simple yet adorable, all this one requires is some cinnamon sticks, twine, place cards and a writing utensil of your choice. Write out the name of your guest on your card and then use your twine to wrap up the ends of the cinnamon sticks and place the card within the natural split in the cinnamon sticks.

Give Thanks Pumpkin

A stunning centerpiece for any table that only requires faux white pumpkin, faux magnolia bush and garland, glue gun, a pencil, and a gold metallic paint pen.  Write whatever message you want on the pumpkin and use whatever decor you want to spruce it up!

Old Tray Door Greeting

The chalkboard look has been making an appearance for nearly all occasions these days so we couldn’t leave this one off the list!  For this one you’ll need an old tray, chalk paint, a paint brush, chalk/chalk marker, string and some autumn inspired branches and berries.  You’ll want to first use the chalk paint on the base of your tray. Once that is set go ahead and start adding your decor around the remainder of the tray, add your string to one of the handles so that it can be hung on your door and then write your message in chalk.


Pine Scented Candle

There’s so much fun to be had in making your own candles – especially when they smell of refreshing pine!  This DIY pine scented candle requires weck jars, soy candle wax, green dye (either solid or liquid is fine), pine scented candle oil, candle wicks, wooden sticks (small ones that will be used to tie the wick to while wax hardens), scissors, a pot and 2 heat proof bowls with a pouring spout.  (Step by step instructions are linked here and in the title above).

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

Looking for a craft you can do in 10 minutes or less? Check out these simple galvanized buckets that you can fill with mason jars (make sure to add water to them if you’re using real pine), pine and some fairy lights and decorate with a chalk pen and ribbon.

Mini Spoon Trees

Check out these adorable and fun Christmas trees made from plastic spoons!

You’ll need about 100 or so plastic spoons (depending on how many you want to make), paper mache christmas tree cones, spray paint (pick any variety of colors you’d like) and hot glue!

Time is ticking and turkey day and Christmas will be here before we know it!  Grab those supplies, make some hot cocoa, throw on cozy clothes, start a fire and get crafting. Let the simple comforts of your home take you away as you DIY what we know will be some of the holiday’s greatest conversation starter pieces.