Did you know that wreathes aren’t just for the fall? Bring a pop color to your front door this July with an extremely cheap and easy DIY clothespin wreath.


  • Wire wreath form (found at any craft store or Dollar store)

  • Paint of your choice (based on your design)

  • LOTS of clothespins (depending the size of your wreath form)

  • Twine or other thin strands to hang the wreath with

  • Extras depending on desired design


  1. Turn the wreath form backwards so that the curve in the form curves up rather than down

  2. Begin attaching clothespins to the outermost rings, being sure to clip the entire clothespin securely, then continue this pattern around the outside ring until covered

  3. Paint the outer layer with desired designs and colors; allow to dry completely

  4. Begin attaching clothespins to the next/innermost rings, again, clipping the entire clothespin securely, and continuing the pattern around the ring until covered

  5. Paint this layer with desired designs and colors

  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until the entire form is covered!

  7. Attach twine to the back, long enough to hang taut on your door, with the ends hotglued on either side of the back circle (this step may take some trial and error)

You can add extras to your design, like cute stencils or letters, to really make it pop. Hang on your door and, voila! There you have it.

Do you need some inspiration to get a design started? Read on!

Nautical theme

For this design, you can take advantage of the wood clothespin finish and complement it with a particularly nautical blue. Hotglue extras like shells, nautical shapes, and ropes to really showcase your love for the sea. Aye-aye, captain!

Design from FeltMagnet.com

Summer Flora & Fauna!

Who could resist such a cute little frog?! This would be a great to recycle any lawn decorations you don’t have a use for any more. Add some flowers and other garden buddies to really spruce up your design.

Design from FeltMagnet.com

Bold And Simple Watermelon (or any fruit!)

The simple geometric shapes of the clothespins with the circle form beg for bold, fun colors and simple fruit motifs! Extremely effective and so, so easy.

Design from SmoochiesCrafts, Pinterest