Life in the military means moving about from home to home.  While it’s really neat to get to experience locations you may have otherwise never been to, it can be a pain to keep up with decorating and furnishing your every move.  If you’re looking for a way to be more efficient for your next move, check out these toolkit ideas and assemble your own to have on the ready!

Tape Measures 

Be sure to have both Flexible and Traditional ones. Flexible tape measures are light and fit easily in your pocket and traditional metal cased tape measures are best for large spaces.

Iron-able Fabric Rape 

Use this tape to lengthen/shorten curtains to fit the look of any room without having to sew.

Decor/Photo Hanging Strips, Hooks, Tacks & Level

3M adhesive hooks and picture hanging hooks come in many sizes and styles and help with extra storage and easy hanging. Clear tacks can come in handy when it comes to hanging decor or creating invisible curtain tie backs. A level will assist in hanging pictures as well as shelves.

Nails and a Lightweight Hammer/Rubber Mallet

A small hammer/rubber mallet and small nails will come in handy for everything construction related.

5-in-1 Tool

This tool has many uses and is predominantly used to help with painting walls.

Precision Exacto Knives 

You will want to have this Exacto knife handy to assist with cutting, scoring, and chiseling.

Waist Apron 

These are perfect for home projects that require multiple tools so that you won’t misplace anything.

Adhesive Felt Pads and Furniture Gliders 

Adhesive felt pads are great for things like bar stools that could scratch up floors. Furniture gliders will come in handy when you will be needing to move heavy furniture around repeatedly.

Now that you have an idea of some of the essentials, go on out and whip up a toolbox of your own.  You will be thanking yourself when it comes time to move again and you already have your basic necessities on hand.  What else would you add to this list as a must have item for your military family toolkit?