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How Much Home Can You Afford?

Affordability means something different to everyone. It can mean whatever you can afford in cash, or whatever amount the lender tells you is your maximum loan qualification. For almost everyone else, it comes down to what they’re comfortable with for a payment on a monthly basis.

To make sure you stay within your financial comfort level when buying your home, use our mortgage calculator and loan amortization calculator below! Then initiate a chat below right now or book a call with a loan officer to understand what financing might look like for you. Our loan officers specialize in VA loans, and we also work with experts in FHA, Conventional, Texas Vet, Lot Loans, Land/ Ranch Loans, Custom-Build Construction Loans, Doctor Loans, and Portfolio Loans.

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This calculation does not include taxes and insurance. To get a better understanding of how much that will impact your monthly payment, connect with us today.

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Our team is on standby ready to help you take the next step toward your new home. Chat now or book a call with one of our experienced loan officers to talk through your home financing options.

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