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The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors  

  Most people prefer to stay indoors, especially during the winter months. When you think about it, we tend to do many things indoors without thinking about it, from working in an office to sweating it out in the gym. Most of our free-time is often spent cooped up inside. So what makes you wantContinue Reading “The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors  “

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Can You Be Feminine and Still Be a Feminist?

If you’re expecting your loved one back from duty and want to have a special dinner ready him, do you ever feel that you’re falling into a kind of 1950’s wife and homemaker stereotype? Do you wonder if dressing up to welcome him home is something a modern woman should be contemplating? Or are theseContinue Reading “Can You Be Feminine and Still Be a Feminist?”

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Never For a Parade

I’ve been a military spouse for over a decade, my husband has served for two. He’s given twenty years to this nation – meaning he joined during a time of peace. His time has deployed him to three regions, taken years from his family, made him a strong leader, a hard-worker, and a deeply-devoted soldier.Continue Reading “Never For a Parade”

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5 Ways to Survive Parenting When Your Spouse is Deployed

  “This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.”     As a military spouse, independence is something that we are forced to learn without a choice early on in our relationship. Military life drops you into a wholeContinue Reading “5 Ways to Survive Parenting When Your Spouse is Deployed”