Want A Future In IT Service Management?

The world of business and information technology are crucially linked together in today’s digital world. In order to stay competitive, businesses need to be able to execute corporate objectives and IT capabilities in a matter of days. These processes can be particularly painful when you don’t have the right people on your staff to helpContinue Reading “Want A Future In IT Service Management?”


Why Online Reading Has Become So Popular

You may spend a lot of your free time reading online. The online reading community grows by the day. No matter where you go, you’ll always find one or two people reading using electronic devices. People who used to read hard copy books wonder what makes online reading so enjoyable. Well, here are a fewContinue Reading “Why Online Reading Has Become So Popular”

Military Kids/Special Needs

Important Life Lessons to Teach Teens by Age 16

Do your kids think they know everything? If so, they might be teenagers. Or, at least, they’re on their way. But even though teens may look and act like full-grown adults, they aren’t. Their brains are still developing, and they need guidance from the adults in their lives. That’s where you come in. There areContinue Reading “Important Life Lessons to Teach Teens by Age 16”

Homefront Relationships

10 Reasons I Love Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day, yes I’m one of those people. I love it and I’m not ashamed to love it. I love the pink and red flowers, frilly cards with hearts and drippy love poems, the romance and lovey-dovey of it all. I still loved it when my husband deployed on Valentine’s Day (yes, heContinue Reading “10 Reasons I Love Valentine’s Day”