Shopping at the Commissary

          DECA Coupon Policy: You may find DECA’s coupon Policy Here -Coupons are redeemed at face value. -DECA allows overage (overage is when a coupon is more than the price of the product you can then use that extra money off of the rest of your grocery order). For Example: AContinue Reading “Shopping at the Commissary”


I Am…

I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Homefront United Network and have the opportunity to share my opinions, stories and voice. I wanted to start off our journey together by sharing a little bit about myself. I am in my mid-twenties and engaged to be married, to a Marine, on January 8,Continue Reading “I Am…”

Deployment/PCS National Guard/Reserve

Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown

Military spouses, we are a special breed. We married into this life knowing somewhat of what it would entail. We chose it just like our husbands did when they enlisted. Of course we didn’t have to endure basic training and we’re not the ones being deployed, but we have our own trials and tribulations thatContinue Reading “Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown”


Disney Deals Just For Military

We all dream of taking our children to Disney World to see Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and their favorite characters. Disney offers special pricing that is just for military members and their families! Disney Specials for Active Duty and Retired Military Service Members 2010 – 2011 Military Ticket Discount • 4 day Magic Your WayContinue Reading “Disney Deals Just For Military”