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Insensitive Questions/Comments During Deployment

Are there questions that simply should not be asked during a deployment? As soon as someone hears that your loved one is deployed, it opens that flood gate of questions; pushy, insensitive and prying. While my husband and I were preparing for his deployment in 2008, I remember vividly the many questions from co-workers andContinue Reading “Insensitive Questions/Comments During Deployment”


The President’s Challenge

The President’s challenge allows people of all ages to become more active. It is hard to get motivated in a workout regime from time to time so knowing that an Organization as President’s Challenge can allow you to get off the couch and become more active. To learn more about what The President’s Challenge isContinue Reading “The President’s Challenge”


Shopping at the Commissary

          DECA Coupon Policy: You may find DECA’s coupon Policy Here -Coupons are redeemed at face value. -DECA allows overage (overage is when a coupon is more than the price of the product you can then use that extra money off of the rest of your grocery order). For Example: AContinue Reading “Shopping at the Commissary”


I Am…

I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Homefront United Network and have the opportunity to share my opinions, stories and voice. I wanted to start off our journey together by sharing a little bit about myself. I am in my mid-twenties and engaged to be married, to a Marine, on January 8,Continue Reading “I Am…”