Watching Friends Say, “See ya later!”

  Photo Courtesy of: Google Images Now that my deployment is coming to a close, another day I had dreaded came and left just as quickly, seeing around ten of my friends say “see ya later” to their husbands all on the same day. On said day, I woke up at 7 am with aContinue Reading “Watching Friends Say, “See ya later!””

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50 States 50 Recipes Vermont

Our next stop on the 50 states, 50 recipes tour is; VERMONT: State capital: Montpelier Largest City: Burlington Admission to the Union: March 4, 1791 the first state to join the Union after the original 13 colonies Economics: An important and growing part of Vermont’s economy is the manufacture and sale of artisan foods,Continue Reading “50 States 50 Recipes Vermont”


Birthday Bash at Luxury Living Frugal Style

Birthdays for children can get very expensive, but from January 16th – February 3rd 2011 you can get money saving tips for helping out with planning an awesome birthday party on a budget! There will also be great giveaways all geared towards kids and birthdays! Stop on by Luxury Living Frugal Style to check itContinue Reading “Birthday Bash at Luxury Living Frugal Style”