In the Kitchen – Ranch Potatoes

Ranch Potatoes Ingredients 1 ½ lbs red potatoes ¼ cup olive oil 1 packet ranch dressing mix   Directions Heat oven to 400 degrees Cut potatoes into medium/small squares Place in zip lock bag, or container with lid Add ¼ cup Olive Oil and Ranch Dressing Mix Shake contents until all potatoes are coated PlaceContinue Reading “In the Kitchen – Ranch Potatoes”


Accepting & Understanding

  Being that I was a Marine brat growing up and lived the military lifestyle of moving around all the time having to say goodbye to old friends and trying to make new ones every time we moved and watching my mother be a single married SAHM to 4 kids and having my father goneContinue Reading “Accepting & Understanding”

Homefront Household/Food

10 Tips for Easy Everyday Cleaning

  “Any job worth doing is worth doing well”… a motto I heard quite frequently while growing up. Although most of us don’t have to suffer through those white glove military inspections our spouses endured while living in the barracks, a clean home is still a necessity. Many of us find ourselves doing most ofContinue Reading “10 Tips for Easy Everyday Cleaning”


A Navy Christmas

No, it’s not just a Navy Christmas. Yes, it happens to all branches. I, however, am a Navy wife. My husband and I married 2 weeks before he deployed. I KNEW I would have to spend Christmas without him. Looking at it through a Civis eyes, one would think it wouldn’t have been so hard. Well,Continue Reading “A Navy Christmas”