Yellow Ribbon Prayers: Sending Love to Iraq and Afghanistan

Photo Courtesy of: Holly Dalton When my husband was deployed to Iraq in 2008, I wrote and recorded a song for him called “Yellow Ribbon Prayers.” At the time I knew of very few deployment or war songs that didn’t end with the Soldier dying.  Not exactly what scared girlfriends, wives and families want or needContinue Reading “Yellow Ribbon Prayers: Sending Love to Iraq and Afghanistan”

Male Spouses

A Male Spouse Perspective: Part 1

Photo Courtesy of: Wayne Perry Over the last decade our military has been used at its highest levels in decades. We have again found our appreciation for the men and women who serve and sacrifice so much to defend not only the people of our nation, but people all over the world. We have comeContinue Reading “A Male Spouse Perspective: Part 1”

Career/Education Finance/Money Homefront

Save Money on College Textbooks!

The savings can add up! Photo Courtesy of: Bookspan For anyone who is enrolled in college courses, you know saving money can be rather difficult. And  finding ways to save money during this learning process can sometimes also be a challenge. Did you know that the average college student spends $700-$1,100 on textbooks a year?Continue Reading “Save Money on College Textbooks!”


Homecoming Jitters: There are no longer enough hours in a day!

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images Anyone else get that feeling when there is less than a month of deployment left? I don’t know if I am alone in this or not. I hear so many people say that the last month of deployment drags but I beg to differ. This last month has been flyingContinue Reading “Homecoming Jitters: There are no longer enough hours in a day!”