Word Vomit

How many times have you stuck your foot in your mouth when talking to someone? Raising my hand! I seem to get word vomit a lot, of course I never realize I’m throwing up words, until after the fact. I don’t know why, but I always get really nervous when talking to men in uniform.Continue Reading “Word Vomit”


Don’t Expect Them to “Get It”

On March 2, 2003, on his 17th birthday our son enlisted in the Marines Delayed Entry Program without many comments from friends and family.  As the year progressed and he went to monthly recruit events, I got the impression that others thought he had signed up for summer camp or something like that. No oneContinue Reading “Don’t Expect Them to “Get It””


Learning to Use Coupons: Coupon Basics

Coupon Basics Basic Rules to couponing: Buy the right item- Use the coupon only for the products that it is intended for. Use only the proper amount of coupons- if a coupon is $1 off 1 then you only use 1 coupon with 1 item, if it is $1 off 2 then you use 1Continue Reading “Learning to Use Coupons: Coupon Basics”


Sharing In Their Moment, While Recognizing My Future

Homecomings. In the civilian world they mean high school football games, gowns, corsages, tuxes, balloons and perhaps dances. However, in the military, the term homecoming takes on a whole new meaning. They are what every spouse and family member dreams of while their loved ones are away. It is the day that reunites a familyContinue Reading “Sharing In Their Moment, While Recognizing My Future”