He’s Home, But He’s Not Home

When going to events or just neighborhood gatherings, I am always the one standing there; with a baby on my hip while my other 3 kids are running around my feet. I’m always the one standing there, talking to other “single” wives.  I am always the one standing there being asked, “is your husband home?”Continue Reading “He’s Home, But He’s Not Home”

Homefront Military Martha

Keep Calm and Carry On- Lessons from the Great Depression

“Members of the military would still earn money but they would not receive checks until the government reopens. On Wednesday, a bill was introduced in the Senate that would allow military members to be paid if the government shuts down. “Be able to go to work and not have to worry about what is happeningContinue Reading “Keep Calm and Carry On- Lessons from the Great Depression”

Health/Beauty Homefront

Defending the Home Front- Part 2

We’ve discussed in an earlier article the need for environmental awareness when considering personal safety.  I bet you never thought rain was an issue in whether you could be attacked- but there are many factors that can lead to you being victimized.  Now let’s discuss awareness of your surroundings.  Remember my story about a tripContinue Reading “Defending the Home Front- Part 2”

Homefront National Guard/Reserve

The Regimental Ball

If this account sounds like one of an outsider’s, the reason is that I am one. It was my first military ball, so I had no idea what to expect. My manicure was done, and the stylist at the salon perfected my updo. My husband Sky and I sped towards the hotel, carried our clothesContinue Reading “The Regimental Ball”