Deployment Scare

My husband and I had a deployment scare a few weeks ago. Out of the blue he received an e-mail that stated he would be a filler for another unit that was deploying in the next month or so. He went about it cool and collected as he always does. -He made phone calls. -AlertedContinue Reading “Deployment Scare”


First Sight

“Ugh!” I said out loud as I washed my face. It was so very small but I could feel it – the kind of pimple that you just KNOW is going to be a bad one before it has really even started to form. “Seriously?” I thought to myself. I pulled the tube out ofContinue Reading “First Sight”


Book Review: Love You More Than You Know

Love You More Than You Know By: Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer Have you ever felt no one else understands your emotional turmoil? Slept with your cell phone under your pillow not to miss a call, or set the alarm on the computer to sound when your child logs in? Does your heart skipContinue Reading “Book Review: Love You More Than You Know”

National Guard/Reserve

Post–Deployment Experience of National Guard and Reserve Spouses

NEW RESEARCH FOCUSES ON POST–DEPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE OF NATIONAL GUARD AND US ARMY RESERVE SPOUSES The ravages of war often stay with soldiers as they return from Iraq or Afghanistan. Guard and Reserve soldiers return from battle directly into their civilian communities. Now their spouses are on the frontline. Researchers to date have largely ignored theseContinue Reading “Post–Deployment Experience of National Guard and Reserve Spouses”