Book Review: Life After Deployment

    Life After Deployment: By Karen M. Pavlicin Remember when you spent months planning your wedding? Trying to cover all the problems before they occur? Then when the honeymoon is over, you realize that you may have had the perfect wedding day, but you realize you didn’t plan for the marriage like you should’ve.Continue Reading “Book Review: Life After Deployment”


Living Overseas

In 2007 my husband reenlisted. This really did not come to a surprise for me since he already had seven years in the Army, and I knew he wanted to make a career out of the Army. Our son was only about four months old at the time. He came home from work one day,Continue Reading “Living Overseas”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

Month of the Military Child

  Photo Courtesy: Google Images “I do not believe, and have not believed for quite some time, that there are many issues more important to the future of our armed forces — indeed to the future of our country — than those confronting military children today.”  ~Deborah Mullen, wife of Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairmanContinue Reading “Month of the Military Child”