How to Find the Best Phone Case

As an army wife, a phone case will represent your love for the military. A phone case also protects your phone. Here’s how to find the best phone case. Almost 80 percent of smartphone owners use phone cases, primarily because of the protective benefit they offer. But using a phone case isn’t only for protectingContinue Reading “How to Find the Best Phone Case”

Homefront Veterans

Family Life After the Military: Job Seeking, Home Purchase and Financial Adjustments

An estimated 250,000 enlisted service members and officers return to civilian life each year. For these servicemen & women and their families, integrating into civilian life is not an easy task. Finding a job, relocating to a new home and making financial adjustments are some of the biggest challenges facing a military family. Intensive preparation and planning forContinue Reading “Family Life After the Military: Job Seeking, Home Purchase and Financial Adjustments”


Finding all the Right Pieces for Your Winter Cocoon

In many northern parts of the world, it is natural to follow a cycle that is similar to how many animals hibernate as the temperature gets colder and the days get shorter. This process is often called cocooning because you build a sort of cocoon around yourself, and only go out when needed. Your winterContinue Reading “Finding all the Right Pieces for Your Winter Cocoon”


Nutrients You Need For Healthy Hair

Merely washing and conditioning your hair is not enough to ensure your locks are vibrant and healthy. And while there are many wonderful products that can help maintain your hair’s luster, like those found on Research and You, your hair’s condition comes from the inside. If you really want beautiful shiny hair, there are manyContinue Reading “Nutrients You Need For Healthy Hair”