Military Kids/Special Needs

7 Gift Ideas to Show Your Military Child How Much They Mean to You

As a military child, they might have a day filled with lots of difficult emotions that they need cheering up from. While it is never a good idea to quantify the love you feel for your kids in a single material possession, it can be a great way to show them how much they meanContinue Reading “7 Gift Ideas to Show Your Military Child How Much They Mean to You”

Homefront National Guard/Reserve

The Needs of the National Guard Family

National Guard families are facing a variety of issues that can add weight to their lives. Guard members serve both their civilian and military communities, which means they must conform to deal with the obstacles both roles bring, leaving their families to face many dilemmas and learning how to cope on their own. While weContinue Reading “The Needs of the National Guard Family”


3 Great Business Ideas for Veterans

The structure and discipline of the military make veterans perfect for leadership positions in business and ideally suited for small business ownership. You already know how to manage people, deal with adversity, and make on-the-spot decisions. In fact, vets already own around 7.5% of all small businesses with employees, so a vet starting their ownContinue Reading “3 Great Business Ideas for Veterans”


How New Technologies Can Benefit Your Business

In the world of business, new technology is thrown at you every day. Finding out which innovations will benefit you, or which are a fad, is sometimes hard to do. Though some technologies won’t stand the test of time, others are already proving to impact businesses all around the world for the better. It canContinue Reading “How New Technologies Can Benefit Your Business”