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Easy Tips to Save Money on Everything

It is never fun to spend money on things that are essential, but cost a lot. Such items like beauty products, food, or cleaning supplies can be very expensive if they are good quality - who doesn’t want that? The same goes with the not so essentials, but nice things too. That includes holidays, ... read more

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Homeland Attacks: Do You Care?

  I'm tired. I'm so disheartened and heartbroken that I'm exhausted. My country was attacked. My military was attacked. YOUR country was attacked. YOUR military was attacked. Are you heartbroken? Are you exhausted? Are you angry? I'm angry.  I'm so very angry.  A terrorist ... read more


Heroism is in the Eye of the Beholder

The idea of a hero is a major part of our society. We have blockbusters in the theater that are all about super heroes saving the world. We have athletes, musicians, and other celebrities that we admire and even put in the place of a hero. We see someone stand up for someone we believe in or share ... read more


7 Activities for a Spectacular Summer

We all look forward to the summertime, a time where the days are spent outdoors and nights are set aside for BBQ’s. If you are looking for some different summertime ideas that will make this summer stand out above the rest, here are 7 Activities for a Spectacular Summer: If you live near the ... read more