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Remembering Memorial Day

Each year at the end of May we honor Memorial Day. Kids get a day off of school, many adults get the day off work, and everyone is happy to have the free day. We gather together, light the barbecues, and crack open a cold beer. It’s been this way for as long as most of us can remember. Memorial ... read more

My closest military friends and I, finding new roads together.

Finding New Roads: How I Accomplish My Goals

I find myself to be extremely passionate about many things; my faith, husband, children, family and friends. Adding to this list, there is also the topic of my military family. Without the many friends I have made in this community, I don't think I would have had the courage to stand up and speak ... read more


Apple iPad Air & Amazon Fire Giveaway for Military Spouses!

MyCareerWorks is announcing the MyCAA Scholarship Awareness Campaign which features an Apple iPad Air & Amazon Fire Giveaway for Military Spouses! This is to promote the MyCAA Spouse Scholarship and to counter the misconceptions of the program. A recent analysis conducted by the Rand ... read more

National Guard 101

National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses

Finally, a book geared towards Army National Guard Spouses! Since 9/11, virtually every unit of the National Guard—a force the size of the entire active Army—has served on active duty for one or more of the deployments at home or abroad. The last time that the entire National Guard had been ... read more