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Helping Our Military Children Deal with Loss

In 1968, my dad’s oldest brother was killed while serving in Vietnam. The following year, his son, Jimmy, was born. By the time I came around, my cousin Jimmy was already a teenager. But ever since I was old enough to understand his situation, I have wondered how Jimmy felt about never having met his father. I wondered how he managed the idea that his father had died in war. In honor of the Month of the Military Child, Jim, now 46 years old, has graciously agreed to share his experiences and ... read more

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The True Meaning of “Hero”

As a community, we have become rather cavalier with the use of the word hero. Ballplayers, community leaders, congressmen making speeches, all called heroes within the last week by my nightly news. Maybe to some they are, maybe my definition is clouded by experience, or maybe I’m too hard on the ... read more

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Month of the Military Child: 6 Books for Military Children

During the Month of the Military Child, it’s important to recognize that your child serves and sacrifices, too. Military children often go without the love and support of their parents while one, and sometimes both, serve overseas. They transition schools an average of between six and nine times ... read more

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Military Entrepreneurs Get Standing Ovation at GrowCo

At the Country Music Hall of Fame Theater this past week, one standing ovation brought this military spouse to tears (noteworthy only for its exceptionally rare occurrence). From on-stage, Inc. Magazine's President and Editor-in-Chief Eric Schurenberg called attention to the front row, where a group ... read more

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Military Care: It isn’t Always Bad

There has been a lot of talk about how military care in hospitals is beyond terrible, I personally believe that this isn't just a military problem, but also a civilian one. Military hospitals are far and few while civilian ones are more common. That being said, the military hospitals always get ... read more