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A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day

“Love does not cost a thing, but it demands the most precious part of our being – the heart; easy to give but hard to get back, so give it to those worthy of it.” ~unknown Personal spending limitations can put a damper on the best of intentions. However, love does not equal expensive jewelry or aContinue Reading “A Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day”

Career/Education Work From Home

Work From Home Opportunity: Data Scientist

Working from home has so many benefits and it can give you so much freedom. Working as a freelance data scientist is a great opportunity, and here is how to get started! It’s no secret that in the modern Digital Age, the field of technology is only going to grow. If you have technical skillsContinue Reading “Work From Home Opportunity: Data Scientist”


Why Age 5, Not 2 or 3 is the Hardest Age to Parent

“Oh, the terrible twos. That’s a hard year!” “Yea, but just wait until three! Or four! Those are worse!”  When you are a first-time parent and your oldest starts to hit those super fun years of temper tantrums and exhausting behaviors, you often hear those same sentiments. The “terrible twos” have that name for aContinue Reading “Why Age 5, Not 2 or 3 is the Hardest Age to Parent”


Things You Should Have For An Ideal Bedroom

At the mention of a “comfortable bedroom,” one may think that I mean a comfortable mattress. Yes, a comfortable mattress is one thing you need to welcome in your bedroom, but that is not all. Moreover, everyone is talking about a comfortable mattress. But there is more than that to have your bedroom comfortable. IContinue Reading “Things You Should Have For An Ideal Bedroom”