Why Alcohol Is Hurting Your Fitness Goals More Than You Think

It seems that alcoholism is a rising issue and it can be hurting more than just your liver. Nearly half of active duty service members reported binge drinking in 2008, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Among two-parent families in 2014, four percent of fathers and three percent of mothers reported regular heavyContinue Reading “Why Alcohol Is Hurting Your Fitness Goals More Than You Think”

Military Kids/Special Needs

Summer Camps for Military Kids

Sponsored Post by USAA Community Summer is not far away, it is a good time to start looking into activities for your kids. For military kids, camp may be just what they need, an opportunity to have fun and learn or develop new skills. Many of the camps are geared for children with a parentContinue Reading “Summer Camps for Military Kids”

Mental Health/Wellness

Signs That Your Teen Is Depressed (And How to Help)

Is your teenager skulking around the house again? As a parent, it’s difficult to know whether to file this behavior under normal teenage moodiness or whether it’s something more sinister – like depression or substance abuse. Sadly, conditions like depression or anxiety can quickly lead to your teen abusing alcohol or worse. It’s important toContinue Reading “Signs That Your Teen Is Depressed (And How to Help)”

Homefront National Guard/Reserve

My Military and Civilian Communities

Sponsored content provided courtesy of USAA Community. My husband and I have the best of both worlds. We live surrounded by an incredible civilian community, but also have the love and support of our military family. As an Army National Guard family, it can be difficult to transition from one lifestyle to another, feeling as ifContinue Reading “My Military and Civilian Communities”