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Before You Ignite This 4th of July

The following is a tradition that many Americans follow before, during and after the 4th of July: Middle to late June:  Purchase fireworks. (either at a roadside stand, in another state, or in a back alley) July 1st - 3rd:  Randomly set off those fireworks at any time, day or night. July ... read more

by Stuart Miles 300000

How to Overcome Career Boundaries for Military Spouses

If you’re a military spouse like me, then you are more than familiar with the career boundaries we face due to frequent moves? I promise you, you are not alone. It seems almost impossible to establish and maintain a successful career. Based on the recent findings in the Military Spouse Employment ... read more


Why I Tell My Kids it’s Okay to Be Sad

We live in a world where from a very young age, we are under the impression that being sad is not a good thing. In fact we are told to stop pouting and to not cry. I won’t lie, I have found myself to be one of those parents at many times, especially during those moments I am left to single parent. ... read more

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PTSD: When Home Turns from Safe to Scary

Earlier this year, a good friend of mine revealed to me a detailed story about the struggles she and her husband had been having throughout the previous year. Ever since he had come back from deployment, he had not been himself. He would lose his temper at the slightest things and direct his ... read more