Get Your Home Ready for the Spring/Summer Season

Whether you are a snowbird heading north as winter ends, or you are a permanent resident adjusting to the change in seasons, you need to prepare your home for spring and summer. Some actions you only need to take if you are leaving, such as shutting off the water supply to prevent flooding. Others areContinue Reading “Get Your Home Ready for the Spring/Summer Season”


3 Things That Happen When You Have Spring Fever

Goodbye winter, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Winter days can be agonizing for many of us who live through those three long months on the east coast. March is almost here and it is now starting to get warmer, the sun shines and there is a change in the wayContinue Reading “3 Things That Happen When You Have Spring Fever”


Creating a Family Friendly Garden

Finding a balance between designing a garden that allows parents to relax and children to play doesn’t mean you have to separately share time outside. With careful planning, a garden can be transformed to suit everyone’s needs and fun. As long as it’s a safe area for children to play in, it’s a great wayContinue Reading “Creating a Family Friendly Garden”

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Date Your Spouse and Bring Back the Spark

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you are likely making plans for how you will celebrate with your spouse. Perhaps you planned a dinner out for the two of you or maybe a special evening at home. Holidays are always a reminder that we should be investing in our relationship throughout the whole year, notContinue Reading “Date Your Spouse and Bring Back the Spark”