Controlling our Fears

This image was posted on Facebook by the user known as Cynthia Marie.  The photo’s caption reads as follows; “This picture was taken at a JcPenney(sic) by me, here in Riverdale, Utah! He is NOT breaking any Utah State laws. You DO NOT have to be a CCP holder in order to open carry inContinue Reading “Controlling our Fears”



We’ve viewed their signs, Then just put them out of our minds. We’ve watched the news and observed How they mock those that served. We’ve read the articles about what they’ve said, To dishonor and torment families of the dead. Unfortunately we tune them out, When they spew their chants and SHOUT, We walk rightContinue Reading “PROTESTORS NO MORE!!!”

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Proud to be an American

Today the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church essentially giving them the freedom to continue protesting at military funerals.  I would like to say this disappointed me.  I would like to say that this made me ashamed of our Supreme Court.  I would like toContinue Reading “Proud to be an American”