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Government Shutdown Delays Tax Filing Season

Government Shutdown Delays Tax Filing Season… If you weren’t annoyed enough already after a the 16-day government shutdown, this could possibly delay tax refunds for millions of early filers by one or two weeks. This announcement was made by the Internal Revenue Service back in October to notify tax payers of possible delays. The IRSContinue Reading “Government Shutdown Delays Tax Filing Season”


H&R Block Error Delays 600,000 Tax Refunds

Courtesy of: Yahoo Finance By: Mandi Woodruff America’s largest tax preparation company, H&R Block, has confirmed that a glitch in its online tax software could delay refunds for some 600,000 taxpayers. In a¬†mea culpa on its Facebook page¬†Wednesday morning, the company said something went wrong with a specific tax form designated for students looking forContinue Reading “H&R Block Error Delays 600,000 Tax Refunds”