Military Kids/Special Needs

My Journey to Creating My Military Kid

My husband and I weren’t sure we ever wanted kids. There were many reasons behind our decision but one was our military lifestyle. My husband and I signed up for this life, he enlisted and I met him after he was in the service, I knew what I would be getting into but what ifContinue Reading “My Journey to Creating My Military Kid”

Military Kids/Special Needs

Mom, I Want to Be a Military Wife Just Like You

As most of us know, April is the Month of the Military Child.  It’s an entire month dedicated to reminding both the general public and military families alike that our children serve our country too.  Our military brats learn how to salute before they can speak, how to repeatedly say hello and good-bye (sometimes inContinue Reading “Mom, I Want to Be a Military Wife Just Like You”


Military Mom, An Unexpected Role

Thirty years ago when I was blessed with my first beautiful daughter, I was overwhelmed by the love I had for her and the joy I experienced knowing I got to be her mom.  I felt the same with the birth of our other two daughters and then with our son.  I loved being aContinue Reading “Military Mom, An Unexpected Role”