Stressed At Home? Here Are The Culprits

Home is the one place where you should feel able to relax and unwind whenever you need to. When the home seems to actually be stressing you out more than it is relaxing you, you know there is something wrong. The fact is, this is something that can happen no matter what your home isContinue Reading “Stressed At Home? Here Are The Culprits”

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Suicide in the Military: A Veteran’s Point of View

I have recently changed professions and have found myself with an hour and a half long commute to my starting point. According to some surveys regarding the suicide rate among United States veterans, three vets take their own lives during my commute, or twenty-two veterans a day. While this number has come under a goodContinue Reading “Suicide in the Military: A Veteran’s Point of View”


How Your Heart Really Feels about Military Life

February is American Heart Month, an observance sponsored by the American Heart Association which brings awareness to the facts, statistics, and prevention of heart disease. Many people already know that eating a healthy diet and getting enough physical activity are two key components of a healthy heart. But there’s one factor that is often overlookedContinue Reading “How Your Heart Really Feels about Military Life”


5 Ways to Tackle Stress

Everyone has stress in their life. Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Most of us know stress is another certainty in life, especially in the life of a military family. There are times when we experience new and exciting levels of stress every day.Continue Reading “5 Ways to Tackle Stress”