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September is Safety Month! Rules for Better Baby and Family Safety

 Guest Blog By Emma Bailey Disasters don’t plan ahead, but you can. Every family should know what to do to stay safe during crisis or emergency. That’s the message of this year’s National Preparedness Month, beginning September 1st – while your emergency strategies will be unique to your family’s needs, it’s important to recognize aContinue Reading “September is Safety Month! Rules for Better Baby and Family Safety”

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Defending the Home Front- Part 1

We are each of us warriors in an ongoing battle against crime and our own ignorance.  It is important that we understand the ways in which we can Defend the Home Front. As I was getting out of my car last night to go into the grocery store I always go to when my cellContinue Reading “Defending the Home Front- Part 1”

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10 Tips for Easy Everyday Cleaning

  “Any job worth doing is worth doing well”… a motto I heard quite frequently while growing up. Although most of us don’t have to suffer through those white glove military inspections our spouses endured while living in the barracks, a clean home is still a necessity. Many of us find ourselves doing most ofContinue Reading “10 Tips for Easy Everyday Cleaning”