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Resume Writing for the Reservist

  Two careers, potentially two completely separate careers, and they both have to go on one resume. How in the world does that work? And how do you put your military career on a resume in a way that doesn’t discourage a new employer from hiring you? Balancing your Reserve Career and your Civilian CareerContinue Reading “Resume Writing for the Reservist”

Mental Health/Wellness National Guard/Reserve

Mental Health Needs for National Guard

  Our National Guard, once known as the “weekend warriors”, because training is one weekend per month and two weeks in the summer. The National Guard also responds to disasters in the U.S., as we recently have seen at the Boston Marathon massacre and Hurricane Sandy. Did you know that over half of the U.S.Continue Reading “Mental Health Needs for National Guard”

National Guard/Reserve Videos

Support for Guard and Reserve

We may not live on post or be apart of an active community but Guard and Reserve make up a large population of servicemebers deployed today. This is just a short video reminder of just how important we are. Don’t give up, there are resources and families out there going through the same obstacles. WeContinue Reading “Support for Guard and Reserve”