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Honk if You Love the USA!

This past weekend, as we remembered the events of 9/11, the citizens of this country united in their sorrow and memories. Differences were put aside to honor the memory of those who were lost that day and in the days/years that followed, as well as to honor our military and first responders. One of theContinue Reading “Honk if You Love the USA!”


Remembering 9/11

Photo Credit: Google Images I remember growing up and my parents would tell my brother and I where they were or what they were doing when President Kennedy was killed, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now I sit here writing and remembering 9/11. I had justContinue Reading “Remembering 9/11”



I was late to school on September 11th – high school that is. I had a doctor’s appointment that morning and was riding with my mom when the first plane hit. I remember exactly where I was when the second plane hit and the radio announcer said: “This cannot be an accident.” I was inContinue Reading “Unforgettable”