Get Creative: Blogs to Help You Refresh Your Life

I am not the most creative of people. I always tend towards black or white with my clothing, I shy away from overly bold colors when decorating my home. If I do get the itch for something crafty, a few minutes in Michael’s is enough to send me into an anxiety attack from the sheerContinue Reading “Get Creative: Blogs to Help You Refresh Your Life”


Pan con Tomate

My dad once said, “You will always find bread, tomatoes and olive oil in a Spanish kitchen. Without those three ingredients, it’s as if your kitchen didn’t exist!” Another typical, and super easy “meal” in Spain is “pan con tomate” (bread with tomato). Its quick, simple and your taste buds go wild at the tasteContinue Reading “Pan con Tomate”


The Easiest Summer Coleslaw Recipe!

Hearty grain salads are immensely satisfying, but there’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp crunch of a great slaw. Here is a simple and yummy coleslaw recipe that will be a sure hit at your next picnic! Ingredients 1 ½ – 2 packages coleslaw mix 1 cup mayonnaise ¼ cup apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon celeryContinue Reading “The Easiest Summer Coleslaw Recipe!”


Cucumber & Tomato Summer Salad

Ingredients: 2 large cucumbers (hot house are fine) 2 large tomatoes (or a pint of cherry/grape) 1 red onion 1/2 cup olive oil 1 cup red wine vinegar salt and pepper Preparation: Peel cucumber (if you have hot house, you can leave the skin on), cut cucumber in half and with a small spoon scrapContinue Reading “Cucumber & Tomato Summer Salad”