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Uncomfortable in my Own Skin

A few weeks ago my husband came home telling me that his battalion was having a dinning in and spouses were welcome. Before he even finished his sentence I told him I wasn’t going. You see, I’m pregnant with our first child and I was at that awkward pregnancy stage where I was gaining theContinue Reading “Uncomfortable in my Own Skin”

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Love, Faith and Marriage Military Style

“He’s my one,” Ashley Toppin tells me.  “He’s my everything.” She’s speaking of her husband Andy Toppin, an Army veteran from Dickinson, Texas.  If you saw them walking down the street you’d look twice.  Ashley is a petite blue eyed blonde with a smile that lights up a dark Texas night.  Andy is tall darkContinue Reading “Love, Faith and Marriage Military Style”


Pregnant while PCSing?

As you may or may not know, my husband and I found out we are expecting our first little bundle of joy a mere 4 days ago! We couldn’t be any more excited or happy if we tried! We only started trying at the beginning of last month so it was pretty unexpected. Well, weContinue Reading “Pregnant while PCSing?”


Deployments & Pregnancy

It seems like every time my family is gearing up for a major life event, a deployment hits.  I’m sure more than 75% of my fellow Milspouse friends can completely relate to this coincidental frustration.  This is the military life:  just when things are running smoothly for us, another curveball comes our way! My husbandContinue Reading “Deployments & Pregnancy”