Military Pregnancy TAKE TWO! Prepared But Still Anxious…

Being pregnant is something that nearly all women – in both the military and civilian worlds – go through, yet with the stresses of the everyday military lifestyle, it can often seem like the tipping point between organized chaos and utter craziness. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second child and am experiencingContinue Reading “Military Pregnancy TAKE TWO! Prepared But Still Anxious…”

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Uncomfortable in my Own Skin

A few weeks ago my husband came home telling me that his battalion was having a dinning in and spouses were welcome. Before he even finished his sentence I told him I wasn’t going. You see, I’m pregnant with our first child and I was at that awkward pregnancy stage where I was gaining theContinue Reading “Uncomfortable in my Own Skin”


Pregnancy in the Military, Part Five: Baby Shower Dilemma

We had to have my baby shower early. Well, it was early for me, at only 24 weeks, but thanks to the military, that’s what had to be done! My best friend was moving shortly afterward and we wanted to make sure she could make it. Plus, she was hosting. I didn’t mind, because IContinue Reading “Pregnancy in the Military, Part Five: Baby Shower Dilemma”


Pregnancy in the Military: Part Four – The Perks

I’ve always considered myself very lucky to be associated with the military. I have a sense of pride that my husband is serving his country, and by being married to him, I feel as though I’m serving my country in my own little way. Sure, we have to deal with deployments, but the military givesContinue Reading “Pregnancy in the Military: Part Four – The Perks”