When our service member leaves, our lives change. We are left to hold down the homefront, pay the bills, keep the house in order and take care of the kids. Sometimes we get jobs, go back to school, or both. We do what is necessary to keep busy through the time our spouse is away.Continue Reading “Reintegration”

Deployment/PCS Homefront

Fun Care Package Ideas

Do you ever get stuck on what to send to your loved one that’s deployed? You realize the snacks and hygiene are necessary, but the desire is there to add a little something special, some pizazz. I felt that way during our son’s deployments. I realized he needed the practical, but I wanted him toContinue Reading “Fun Care Package Ideas”


Sharing In Their Moment, While Recognizing My Future

Homecomings. In the civilian world they mean high school football games, gowns, corsages, tuxes, balloons and perhaps dances. However, in the military, the term homecoming takes on a whole new meaning. They are what every spouse and family member dreams of while their loved ones are away. It is the day that reunites a familyContinue Reading “Sharing In Their Moment, While Recognizing My Future”


Book Review: Life After Deployment

    Life After Deployment: By Karen M. Pavlicin Remember when you spent months planning your wedding? Trying to cover all the problems before they occur? Then when the honeymoon is over, you realize that you may have had the perfect wedding day, but you realize you didn’t plan for the marriage like you should’ve.Continue Reading “Book Review: Life After Deployment”