Everyone I Know is Leaving…

The dreaded fifth season, the one that only military folks encounter, is in the air: PCS season. It usually comes at the same time as summer, with a short spike in December, and lasts a couple short months. However, during this time everything changes and everyone leaves. Everyone I know is leaving me. Okay, thatContinue Reading “Everyone I Know is Leaving…”


Relocation Assistance

In a couple of months my husband and I will be saying goodbye to Twentynine Palms and hello to his new orders. Even though this move will happen in the later portion of the year, the OCD freak that I am is already freaking out. My mind is racing 100 mph with questions, ideas, thoughtsContinue Reading “Relocation Assistance”

Coast Guard

You’re Doing What?

Transfer time is an excitingly stressful time for anyone in the military. They are preparing to leave behind the friends they’ve made and the home they’ve become accustomed to. Most families in the military have the capability to truly make each location feel like home. This means, in a sense, each time they transfer, theyContinue Reading “You’re Doing What?”