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Supporting Military R&R: Carnival Cruise Lines

  I have always been one to be extremely thankful to companies who offer military discounts. I never expect to receive one, but when I do, I am smiling – and shouting out to the military community about it. And if we find a new discount that helps military families save money, even better! HowContinue Reading “Supporting Military R&R: Carnival Cruise Lines”

Coast Guard Political/News

Possible DHS Shutdown: Assistance for Coast Guard Families

The government has bought themselves a bit more time in order to reach an agreement on the Department of Homeland Security budget, one week. At the end of this week, if no decision is made, the shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security is eminent. This means that the members of the Coast Guard willContinue Reading “Possible DHS Shutdown: Assistance for Coast Guard Families”


Celebrating Father’s Day: The Dove Men + Care “Mission: Care

  In our military lifestyle, absence is hard on the parents as well as kids.  As much as we wish this was not the reality, it just is.  So we have to make the best of it. Fathers are an important influence in their children’s’ lives. Being apart for special days and achievements is hard on everyone,Continue Reading “Celebrating Father’s Day: The Dove Men + Care “Mission: Care”

Military Kids/Special Needs

Operation Homefront: Back-To-School Brigade

As the summer comes to an end, school supplies take over places like Target and Wal-Mart. The end of summer also means a drop in temperature and of course sending kids back to school!  For many families back to school can be a financial stress. Operation Homefront has partnered with companies like Dollar Tree andContinue Reading “Operation Homefront: Back-To-School Brigade”