Why I No Longer Make New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is approaching and we have all spent the past couple of months reflecting on the last year. We spend time looking over the ups and downs, successes and failures, joys and sorrows that the year brought us. We also take the time to think about what we want for the New Year.Continue Reading “Why I No Longer Make New Year’s Resolutions”


New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You

New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You New year, new you. That is everyone’s motto when the new year arrives. We use the new year as an excuse to get fit or start eating healthier or making decisions about our job or family. We begin creating our new selves, and hopefully, this time around weContinue Reading “New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You”


New Year’s Resolutions

Usually, going to the gym is a positive experience for me. Tonight it wasn’t. The parking lot was full, there were no hooks to hang my coat on, it took ten minutes to get into the changing room, and ALL of my favorite machines were occupied. I thought: “What’s going on? Are they giving outContinue Reading “New Year’s Resolutions”