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Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View

Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View I’m watching President Obama give a speech about the government shutdown and he’s angry.  He’s raising his voice and is clearly frustrated, so are the American people.  We’re ready for this to stop.  We’re ready for the government to start working again and to resume our normal lives.  ThisContinue Reading “Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View”

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Another Day Closer

My husband left for a month of NCOES this past weekend. It’s two 2 week course back to back. He has to get it done in order to be promoted before he deploys later this year. I’m not going to lie. I cried and I cried hard standing out in the driveway watching him leave.Continue Reading “Another Day Closer”

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Author Interview: Mary Corbett

This exclusive author  interview is brought to you by, Savas Beatie.  Mary Corbett is the published author of “The List: 7 Ways to Tell if He’s Going to Marry You in 30 Days or Less” and the newly released “National Guard 101”. Mary is a National Guard spouse and mother of two.  : Most people areContinue Reading “Author Interview: Mary Corbett”