Don’t Spend Your Money like Congress

Sponsored post. My husband and I have always been a frugal couple. We plan our money carefully and we don’t spend what we don’t have (ahem, Congress). We are known as the “boring couple” to our friends and family because we will often turn down extravagant vacation opportunities or dinners out. We would much ratherContinue Reading “Don’t Spend Your Money like Congress”

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A General Strategy for Budgeting Money

Guest Post By: Savannah Hennings  In a way, budgeting is like combat. You have to be prepared for inevitable expenses like food, clothing, shelter, education, utilities, transportation, etc. At the same time, you need to expect the unexpected, such as sudden medical emergencies or natural disasters. It’s no easy task to cope with these, especiallyContinue Reading “A General Strategy for Budgeting Money”


Welcome to June – Savings and FREE Items!

There are so many websites available these days to find goodies, and I thought I would share this great one where you can get FREE items! Also, I am sure many of you shop at Walmart. This site also provides deals and coupons for stores such as Target, Dollar General, Kmart, CVS and much more! If youContinue Reading “Welcome to June – Savings and FREE Items!”


Learning to Coupon: Importance of Using Coupons Properly

There is a lot of lingo when dealing with coupons and I know it can all get very confusing (which the weekly Coupon 101 Series will help you out with this:) ) Why Use Coupons Properly?– Other then because it is the RIGHT thing to do! Learning to use them the right way will helpContinue Reading “Learning to Coupon: Importance of Using Coupons Properly”