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Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans

As a Nation and around the world we want to pay tribute to our Veterans. They have stood up and selflessly made sacrifices for all of our freedoms. Because of them, we can live the life we lead and hold our values of freedom and democracy. It is right that we come together and makeContinue Reading “Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans”

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America the Beautiful, America the Diverse

  America the Beautiful, America the Diverse When I was a young girl growin’ up in Bloomfield, Missouri my pappy used to play this song on the record player: It was a darn familiar tune, but when Mr. Ray Charles played it, it didn’t sound nothin’ like I done learnt it in school.  His startsContinue Reading “America the Beautiful, America the Diverse”


Veterans Day: More than a Day Off

Compensation for this post was provided by Wahl Home Products via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own. Look around at all the people that surround us in everyday life. Many of the people that are in our lives or have an effect on our lives are Veterans. Veterans are very special people.Continue Reading “Veterans Day: More than a Day Off”


The Blood and Guts of an Army Divorce

Whomever said “War is Hell!” could have been speaking of an Army divorce, as well. As an Army veteran and then later an Army spouse, the correlation between being a soldier and being a dependent are very similar. When a soldier “signs on the dotted line”, their life is no longer their own.  They transition-Continue Reading “The Blood and Guts of an Army Divorce”