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Why I Chose to Go Back to School Using MyCAA

If the government is handing out money for you to go back to school, why not take it? I tell military spouses this each and every day when they ask me why I chose to use the MyCAA education funding program. The Department of Defense wants to help and make it as easy as possibleContinue Reading “Why I Chose to Go Back to School Using MyCAA”

Career/Education Guest Blogs

Why I Went Back to School at 27

Guest Post by: Rachel Howard I had just gotten remarried and was expecting our second son, my oldest was five and from a previous marriage. I had sold all of my belongings and moved on base to be with my new husband. I had always wanted to go to college but the fear of howContinue Reading “Why I Went Back to School at 27”


Career Step for Military Spouses!

If you are a military spouse looking to go back to school or advancing in your career training, then you want to check out the programs offered at Career Step. Career Step is a MyCAA-approved, online school. With Career Step you can train anywhere you have an internet connection, and their affordable tuition is completely covered byContinue Reading “Career Step for Military Spouses!”

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Financial Resources for School

*Video Note: Since the making of this video, effective July 1st 2012 the Department of Education has removed the use of Subsidized loans for graduate students. For more information on this, please visit the Federal Student Aid Portal. * Articles Video Resources Military Friendly School Finder Visit the HUN’s Career/Education HUB for more resources…