Online Friends or Real Friends?

We have all been there, we have read the books, joined the million and one social networks, and many Facebook pages. We have sought out advice from the “wise”, even looked at our fellow spouses with puppy-dog eyes in hopes that they will help us understand. But in return we are all lost on beingContinue Reading “Online Friends or Real Friends?”


Deployment Scare

My husband and I had a deployment scare a few weeks ago. Out of the blue he received an e-mail that stated he would be a filler for another unit that was deploying in the next month or so. He went about it cool and collected as he always does. -He made phone calls. -AlertedContinue Reading “Deployment Scare”


The Military Faith

No matter what branch you are affiliated with, the military is its own entity. With billets ranging from chef to janitor to airframer, there is hardly a need to contract a civilian on a military installation in the states or abroad. Finding such a community that relies solely on itself outside of the military isContinue Reading “The Military Faith”