The Forgotten Parent…The Military Dad

This time of year I always remember mid June 2004, the day my husband and I took our 18 year old son to the recruiter’s office for him to begin his journey to boot camp in San Diego. As we walked away, both with tears running down our cheeks, I was wondering how I wasContinue Reading “The Forgotten Parent…The Military Dad”

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Book Review: Faith of our Sons, A Father’s Wartime Diary

After reading Frank’s first book, Keeping Faith: A Father-Son Story About Love and the United States Marine Corps  I was excited when I learned he had written a second book that was geared toward the parents waiting at home while their children were deployed. In this book Frank once again shares very personal thoughts andContinue Reading “Book Review: Faith of our Sons, A Father’s Wartime Diary”

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Now What?

The day was June 8, 2005. The time was 3:15 p.m. I was sitting in our den staring at the phone clutched in my fist. I couldn’t release my grasp; it was as if my fingers were super glued to my cell phone. I didn’t know what to do. I had just heard the wordsContinue Reading “Now What?”


Book Review: My Miracle Marine

When I heard this book had been written I was anxious to read it because I felt I had a slight personal involvement. LCpl. John McClellan, “Lucky” to his Marine comrades, was with my son’s unit on both his deployments and I remember when I was first told about John being nicknamed “Lucky” by hisContinue Reading “Book Review: My Miracle Marine”