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Military Martha Accepts #DropandGiveMe20 Challenge!

Here is the challenge ya’ll- “In the month of November we’re asking everyone to accept the #DropandGiveMe20 challenge to support our veterans, military members and military families. The idea is to do 20 pushups or any form of exercise you are able to within 24 hours or donate up to $200 (donate what you canContinue Reading “Military Martha Accepts #DropandGiveMe20 Challenge!”

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Wedding Guest Etiquette

Summer’s here ya’ll bringin’ with it good stuff; picnics, county fairs, barbecues, fireworks and the one thing ya’ll might dread as much as I do- weddings!  I swear ya’ll I don’t need a calendar to tell me it’s June cause my ol‘ mailbox has more weddin‘ invites than Carters has pills.  Don’t get me wrong,Continue Reading “Wedding Guest Etiquette”

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Uncle Clyde’s Sweet Tea Recipe

If ya’ll are as big of fans as I am of Duck Dynasty, then ya’ll are in love with Uncle Si Robertson.  Now that man there knows how to drink him some sweet tea!  I ain’t never seen that man without his Tupperware tea cup in his hand, with some sweet tea in it!  HeContinue Reading “Uncle Clyde’s Sweet Tea Recipe”

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Military Martha Live this Week!

Military Martha is at it again! If you are in the Portland, Oregon area – make sure you stop in and show your support for Military Martha and the Homefront United Network! Shaker and Vine (formerly Vino Vixens) will be hosting live bands, stand up comedians, acoustic players,poetry,bellydancing and Military Martha from 6-10pm Wednesday, July 25th! ForContinue Reading “Military Martha Live this Week!”