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Buying a Home: A Military Wife’s Guide

It never seems to be the right time to buy a home if you are a military family. There are too many “what ifs” in terms of the length of your investment. What if you PCS next summer? What if you can’t rent it out when you do eventually move? What if you don’t getContinue Reading “Buying a Home: A Military Wife’s Guide”


On Base or Off: What to Consider Before Deciding Where to Live

My husband and I have never lived on base. A few of the bases we were stationed at didn’t have housing available for us. Even when we did have the possibility, living on base is not something that either of us ever had the desire to pursue. The reason is because even though we areContinue Reading “On Base or Off: What to Consider Before Deciding Where to Live”


Military Wives: Life Scholars

When we think of scholars, we think about people who go through many years of education and research in order to enhance their academic knowledge. We think about all the reading and studying and writing and testing that is required to be considered truly knowledgeable in a particular field. We think about people such asContinue Reading “Military Wives: Life Scholars”

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The Value of a Teachable Heart

I often find myself thinking about all the things I have learned since becoming a military wife. I look back on the past eight years and am amazed at how much military life has taught me about patience and perseverance, the importance of community and friendship, and the significance of the phrase “Semper Gumby,” alwaysContinue Reading “The Value of a Teachable Heart”