Celebrate Homecoming with a Low-Interest VA Loan

It’s a heartwarming scene at many airports these days. U.S. Military members deployed in the Iraq War receive homecoming hugs and kisses from their families. The official homecoming commemoration from Washington has been intentionally low key with a quiet address from President Obama delivered at FortBragg.  Out of respect for the tens of thousands of U.S.troopsContinue Reading “Celebrate Homecoming with a Low-Interest VA Loan”

Deployment/PCS Homefront

When Homecoming Means Saying Goodbye

  It’s a story told a million times before and one that will be told over and over again in the future. If you’ve been through a deployment, you know the feeling. Of hating the weekends, because even if you sit in your house all day, you can just feel the families all around youContinue Reading “When Homecoming Means Saying Goodbye”

Deployment/PCS Homefront

Together Again

14 hour drive, 800+ miles and lots of (im) patient waiting… Four days, four countries and multiple airports… …but we finally made it to each other! I am so happy to say that my hubby is back safely in the States for his leave! It took lots of planning, patience and a few secrets alongContinue Reading “Together Again”