Homefront Relationships

The Divorced Dependent: Blindsided

  Guest Post By: Laura Feeney It all happened really suddenly. Life as I knew it and life as I thought it would be no longer existed. I married into military life in August of 2005. Almost 11 years later, I am no longer a military spouse, but I am not leaving empty handed. IContinue Reading “The Divorced Dependent: Blindsided”

Male Spouses

The Solution!

In part 1 of this series I shared the grim statistics concerning female service members and their marriages. Mainly the marriages of the women that are married who serve in the Army. According to the information I was given I found out that men married to female soldiers make up only 9% of the spousesContinue Reading “The Solution!”

Male Spouses

What’s the Problem?

  Often times disclaimers are put in small print at the bottom of whatever is written. That is not the case here. This is my disclaimer that the views and opinions expressed in this article are that of myself (Wayne Perry-the author) and not of any group or organization. Keep in mind the opinions youContinue Reading “What’s the Problem?”