Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Your Military Man

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Holt’s Cigar Company via SoFluential Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. In our military lifestyle, absence is hard on the parents as well as kids.  As much as we wish this was not the reality, it just is, and we have to make the bestContinue Reading “Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Your Military Man”


The Dad, A Poem

From birth he watched him grow and develop. Showing patience, authority, love and joy. Sharing life’s many ups and downs, With his innocent child, his own little boy.   As each year passed they became closer, With similar tastes, interests and hobbies. Time spent together taught them About each other’s personalities.   The child becameContinue Reading “The Dad, A Poem”


The Forgotten Parent…The Military Dad

This time of year I always remember mid June 2004, the day my husband and I took our 18 year old son to the recruiter’s office for him to begin his journey to boot camp in San Diego. As we walked away, both with tears running down our cheeks, I was wondering how I wasContinue Reading “The Forgotten Parent…The Military Dad”