Military Kids/Special Needs

Do Our Military Kids Grow Up Too Fast?

Too often I find myself thinking about how the military lifestyle has affected me, a military spouse. My blog and many others I follow are directed toward military spouses and how we can overcome the difficulties of deployments, numerous moves, demanding schedules, single parenting, and the unpredictability that is military life. I get so wrappedContinue Reading “Do Our Military Kids Grow Up Too Fast?”

Military Kids/Special Needs

Hot Topic Friday: Is the Term “Military Brats” Offensive to You?

When did the term “Military Brat” start becoming offensive? I have read and seen many replies from readers in regards to not liking the term “brat”. I personally was not raised in the military, but I do have two military brats myself and I don’t find the term offensive in any way. If anything IContinue Reading “Hot Topic Friday: Is the Term “Military Brats” Offensive to You?”

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What We Choose for Them

I grew up in a non-military town, with non-military friends, in a non-military neighborhood. I have known the same people since I was five years old. My two closest friends have been beside me since kindergarten, then grammar school, high school. We were roommates in college. We have seen the worst of each other, theContinue Reading “What We Choose for Them”