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From Submariner to Army Spouse

  Dave Etter talks about male spouses and why we need to look at mentoring in a new way. USAG KAISERLAUTERN, GERMANY – Military spouses have come a long way since my grandmother followed her sailor across the country during World War II. We’ve gone from writing letters to sending tweets, from mailing pictures toContinue Reading “From Submariner to Army Spouse”


Pregnancy in the Military – Part One

I took the test the night before my birthday in early April. It had only been a week and a half since I had dropped my husband off at the airport to go back to Iraq from his R&R. I was just getting used to not having him around again when the anxiety started up.Continue Reading “Pregnancy in the Military – Part One”

Male Spouses

What’s the Difference?

   Often time, disclaimers are put in small print at the bottom of whatever is written. That is not the case here. This is my disclaimer that the views and opinions expressed in this article are that of myself (Wayne Perry-the author) and not of any group or organization. Also all numbers and percentages areContinue Reading “What’s the Difference?”

Male Spouses

Military Transition for Male Spouses

Transitioning from civilian life to military life offers many challenges. This is true for all parties involved. We can all imagine what it is like for our service members as they go through Basic Training. But they are not the only one’s effected by this new life being offered to them. The parents of the service member,Continue Reading “Military Transition for Male Spouses”