The Truth Behind the Fairytale

We all grew up with the same stories that have the same endings. The prince sweeps the princess off her feet, they get married, and live happily ever after. However, what those fairytales don’t tell you is what happens after the wedding. The wedding is the easy part, life afterward is where the real workContinue Reading “The Truth Behind the Fairytale”

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Making What’s Important to Mothers; A Mother’s Day Craft

As Mother’s Day approached I felt a little more emotional than usual.  This year I won’t be with my mom.  It’s one of the first years I won’t be with her to celebrate either on or around the holiday.  Every mom (including myself) says that its not about the gifts.  I know that my momContinue Reading “Making What’s Important to Mothers; A Mother’s Day Craft”

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Love, Faith and Marriage Military Style

“He’s my one,” Ashley Toppin tells me.  “He’s my everything.” She’s speaking of her husband Andy Toppin, an Army veteran from Dickinson, Texas.  If you saw them walking down the street you’d look twice.  Ashley is a petite blue eyed blonde with a smile that lights up a dark Texas night.  Andy is tall darkContinue Reading “Love, Faith and Marriage Military Style”