The Jewish Easter Bunny

Perhaps I should preface this tale with a story of what shall forever more be known as Christmas-Gate 2000 and something. (Am I the only one who has no concept of time other than about how old my kids were at the time and what country my husband was temporarily calling home?) Anyway, it’s 1:30Continue Reading “The Jewish Easter Bunny”

Homefront Reviews

Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. But then life happened and I just couldn’t find the time. I often considered why anyone out there would want to read what I had to say on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, I continue to follow several military and lifestyle blogs because, let’s face it- people likeContinue Reading “Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers”


Military vs. Civilian Friends

  As a military veteran I often find myself torn between two sets of friends, the ones I served with and those I didn’t. I try to explain to each group what makes the other different, but it’s difficult to explain. I found this floating around Facebook among my friends who’ve served in the military.Continue Reading “Military vs. Civilian Friends”