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Intimacy After Deployment: Will We Still Have That Spark?

It’s 10 p.m.  Standing on the flight deck, I am freezing. Yet the bitter bite of the wind isn’t noticeable through shaken nerves. I am alone with my thoughts as friends stand around me. I feel pressure. Pressure to feel some sort of whirl-wind excitement. Pressure to cry and yell out his name. As IContinue Reading “Intimacy After Deployment: Will We Still Have That Spark?”

Deployment/PCS Homefront

A Homecoming Story

  At last, my husband is home……. The months were dragging, but as soon as word got out it seemed as if were getting shorter, so much to do in so little time. My sleep was finally catching up to me and it couldn’t have come at a worst time, “who needs sleep in aContinue Reading “A Homecoming Story”



That’s how he looks to me, as he lies asleep on the bed. I sit and stare at him, unable to sleep myself. I’d forgotten how he looked while he sleeps. So innocent, yet so strong. I’ve missed these little things while he’s been away. Simple things I’ve taken for granted, like being able to watch him asContinue Reading “Peaceful”

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One By One

                       They do so little sometimes.             One of them missed the first cookout of the summer. It was a unseasonably warm day, perfect for setting up the kiddie pool and grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. He wasn’t there, so she blew bubbles for the kids and got out the sidewalk chalk so they couldContinue Reading “One By One”