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How Keeping Fit Leads to Increased Happiness

Do you feel better when you exercise? Well, maybe not during the exercise itself when your muscles are straining, and you have sweat dripping from your brow, but exercise can really improve your mood. No matter how hard your workout was while you were doing it, you’re going to feel great when it’s over. TheContinue Reading “How Keeping Fit Leads to Increased Happiness”


Why Exercise is Essential in Overcoming Trauma

There’s a reason exercise is so often “prescribed” for those processing and recovering from a trauma. The body is an inter-connected machine, and healing trauma also involves caring for the entire body. When healing from a traumatic experience, don’t forget to eat healthy while also working on strengthening your body. The two go hand-in-hand. However,Continue Reading “Why Exercise is Essential in Overcoming Trauma”


8 Things Personal Trainers Hate to Hear

Guest Post By: Irma Ilao, CPT, SFN, SET Last week, I had an exterminator come over for a routine evaluation as I will be purchasing my home next month. He asked to look at the basement and so I led him downstairs. As he sees my home gym he says, “Wow, you have lots of gymContinue Reading “8 Things Personal Trainers Hate to Hear”

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Giving our Kids a Better Chance at Health

Children are like sponges. As early as infancy, they begin soaking up everything around them. They are constantly on the prowl for new and exciting stimulation, they touch everything, taste everything and ask about every noise. Their endless energy keeps them moving way beyond what we adults can keep up with. They are desperate toContinue Reading “Giving our Kids a Better Chance at Health”