Military Community: One of the World’s Strongest Communities

The things that unite us are far more powerful than the differences that divide us. We are a community; every man, woman, and child who has a family member serving his or her nation. We are united as one cohesive family even if we may never know the names, faces or stories of many ofContinue Reading “Military Community: One of the World’s Strongest Communities”


Unexpected Friendships

Unexpected Friendships… I tended to stick to myself in that tiny Virginia apartment nine years ago, not knowing where to go or who to talk to. I was a newlywed who had just left everything I had ever known, to begin a new life with my military husband. I spent most of my time tryingContinue Reading “Unexpected Friendships”


Military vs. Civilian Friends

  As a military veteran I often find myself torn between two sets of friends, the ones I served with and those I didn’t. I try to explain to each group what makes the other different, but it’s difficult to explain. I found this floating around Facebook among my friends who’ve served in the military.Continue Reading “Military vs. Civilian Friends”