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How Did I Get Here?

I’m not a writer. I’ve never successfully kept a journal or diary for longer than maybe a few days, at best. My experiences with writing in the past have been limited to mandatory papers for school or the letters written to my husband while he was away. So how did I get here? What inContinue Reading “How Did I Get Here?”


Letter from Sullivan

There are a few things that make me cry every single time without fail. The Sullivan Ballou letter is one of them. When he gets to the “Oh, Sarah” part, I lose it. If, by chance, you haven’t heard it from the Ken Burns documentary, you have to listen to this. Sarah and SullivanContinue Reading “Letter from Sullivan”


A Sacred Trust

Republican, Democrat, or fill in the blank- much of the country was glued to the television for President Obama’s speech last night. And because my husband’s future (and therefore, our family’s future) could depend on what was said, I listened to every word. There was one part of the president’s speech that struck me theContinue Reading “A Sacred Trust”


Remembering on Memorial Day

I’m not one to “recycle” posts, but last Memorial Day I wrote a post on my blog that I plan to re-post each year. Memorial Day 2010 was the first Memorial Day in which I truly understood the meaning of the day and I know it will serve me well to re-read, re-share and re-think myContinue Reading “Remembering on Memorial Day”